Added value thanks to high vertical range of manufacture

Added value thanks to high vertical range of manufacture

Seven-Air has relied on Switzerland as its production location since the company was founded in 1971. The high level of vertical integration with the production processes of sheet metal working, powder coating, insulation and housing frame production is therefore unique for the Swiss air conditioner industry. This strategy ensures:

• low dependence on suppliers

• Supply security

• Machining quality

• Manufacturing competence (know-how)

• Flexibility

• Efficiency and high productivity

The benefits for Seven-Air customers are the well-known high quality of workmanship, flexibility and adherence to delivery dates, as well as pricing in line with the market.

Securing the production location in Switzerland

The two Seven-Air owners, Tobias and Christoph Meyer, have stated their commitment to the investments made:
«Our greatest challenge for the future is to guarantee product quality and to maintain our production location in Switzerland. It is important for us to ensure the employment of the more than 400 employees and thus continue to provide added value for the Swiss construction industry with high-quality Swiss products in the future».