Low energy costs
  • Excellent adiabatic cooling performance

Low water consumption
  • Cooling load dependent spraying

Savings in maintenance costs
  • No circulating water operation
  • Automatic cleaning operation

No hygiene problems
  • No basin
  • No pumping
  • No blowdown necessary

RECOCOOL - Cooling by evaporation

The plate heat exchanger is sprayed with water on the exhaust air side via a mobile nozzle trolley, and the water is guided with the air flow through the one-piece corrugated plates to all points of the heat exchanger. Due to the evaporation of the water, heat is constantly extracted from the extract air and the exchanger surface. The warm outside air flows through the plate exchanger on the opposite side and is cooled. Together with the large hydrophilic exchanger surface, the uniform wetting of the exchanger package and the long dwell time of the air, this results in excellent cooling performance.

With 2 kg of water, 1 kW of cooling capacity is generated.

1 Outside air
2 Supply air
3 Return air
4 Exhaust air

RECOCOOL complies with hygiene directive SWKI VA104-01
The treated spray water required for the evaporation process is sprayed onto the heat exchanger fins from the drinking water network by means of mains water pressure via the spray nozzles. The residual water is fed directly into the drain. A circulation circuit is not required. A collection basin with water sump and circulation pump is therefore not required.