More than ever

More than ever

Quality and energy efficiency

With the Ecopool system ventilation unit, Seven-Air offers high product quality and ensures the most energy-efficient unit solution for each project.

The Ecopool ventilation units are available in three series. The series are equipped with two-stage heat recovery. The energy-conscious choose the «eco» variant. Ecopool can be used for all types and sizes of indoor swimming pools and wellness parks. Thanks to the flexibility in design and production, the unit adapts to the structural conditions.

Optimal energy management

The use of highly efficient components is standard at Seven-Air. However, the correct setting of the control and regulation is decisive for cost-effective energy management, especially for indoor pool ventilation systems. At Seven-Air, this is ensured with the extensive know-how of the in-house MSR department. The control specialists accompany the project from planning to commissioning.

Varied waste heat utilisation

With the bath water condenser, the excess heat of the Ecopool units is used to heat the bath water. Thanks to a new conceptual approach, solutions are conceivable in which the residual heat can be used in more varied ways; e.g. also for underfloor heating.