Buildings 4 to 7 are being constructed on the premises of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd in Basel with modular office and laboratory workplaces, auditoriums and cafeterias - Roche Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED).

Bringing in the ventilation units

A ventilation system of this size is a major challenge for the logistics. The dimensions of the units have to be adapted to the possible means of transport already during the planning stage. Thanks to the construction in modules, pre-assembly in the production plant is possible. This ensures increased quality assurance and also efficient construction assembly. When loading, the situation on the construction site must be taken into account. If the "wrong" assembly is delivered at the "wrong" time, this results in considerable additional costs. The biggest challenge is then the installation on the construction site. In Building 7, the equipment had to be lifted into the ventilation centre on the 24th floor, among other things. Due to the height of the crane and the buildings already built, the crane operator's view of the equipment on the ground is blocked. He navigates the insertion with the camera image. The personnel on the ground are responsible for securing and supporting. A real team effort. The video shows how this insertion took place.