Innovative device design

Innovative device design

The ventilation units in Olma Hall 1 are designed for efficiency and comfort. Modern, energy-efficient EC fans and air treatment systems ensure that the halls and rooms are always supplied with sufficient fresh, clean air. The systems are designed to optimise air exchange while minimising energy consumption. For the ventilation of the event hall, the rotation exchanger was chosen as the energy recovery system. This impresses with its high heat and moisture transfer and helps to achieve the set energy targets.

Unit size as a challenge

Air treatment with a total air volume flow of 201'000 m3/h is ensured by six ventilation units. With two parallel-running rotary exchangers each and the installation of a fan wall in SA and RA, each with four EC fans, the specified minimum dimensions are adhered to.

Project details Event hall

Multifunctional hall with approx. 12'800 m2 exhibition area
Air volume flow: 201'000 m3/h
Client: Olma Messen St. Gallen AG
Planner: Vadea AG
Installer: Hälg & Co. AG
Completion: Spring 2024

Equipment layout

6 x 33'500 m2/h
6 x 2 rotary exchangers
6 x 8 EC fan
Heat recovery factor: 82
Return moisture coefficient: 69