50 years

50 years

50 years of dehumidification with the professional

The ECOKON dehumidifier is available in six sizes. The room air is dehumidified with outside or recirculated air as required. The purge function with outside air also ensures a good room climate.


The unit periodically monitors the room humidity. If necessary, the dehumidification process is started. To ensure the room air quality, a  purge with outside air is carried out before the dehumidification process. After the automatic analysis of the climatic conditions, the unit selects the most energy-efficient function - dehumidification with recirculated air or outside air. If the climatic conditions change during the dehumidification process, the unit automatically switches to the other function.


  • Cellar rooms
  • Storage and archive rooms
  • Civil defence facilities
  • etc.


  • Energy class A
  • High dehumidification performance
  • Protection for building and environment (no mould, odour elimination)
  • Compact design
  • Air volume range 300 to 3200 m3/h
  • Energy class A+ filter

Energy efficiency - Energy class A

  • Tested by the accredited test centre for building technology of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.